2017 Tornado Open Worlds, Global Mixed and Youth championships | ΝΑΥΤΙΚΟΣ ΟΜΙΛΟΣ ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗΣ
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2017 Tornado Open Worlds, Global Mixed and Youth championships

2017 Tornado Open Worlds

The Nautical club of Thessaloniki (NCTh) together with the Sailing Club of Thessaloniki (IOTh), will host the 2017 Tornado Open World, Global Mixed and Youth championships and celebrate the 50 years of the Tornado class.
The boats will be hosted at the facilities of NCTh. NCTh was founded in 1931. It is the oldest nautical sporting association of Thessaloniki and one of the first in Greece.
Its athletic activities began with rowing and have included sailing since the 1950s. The sailing athletes of the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki are approximately 100 in number and sail OPTIMIST, 420, 470, LASER and TORNADO.
NCTh sailors have gained gold medals in Worlds and Europeans Championships. The Nautical Club of Thessaloniki counts 350 members and is governed by a Board of Directors. The races will take place in Thermaikos Gulf.
The Nautical Club of Thessaloniki has occupied its current facilities since 1962. Today, the facilities cover 7000 square meters and include lounges for members and athletes, offices, seminar room, boathouses, gymnasium, rowing pool, changing rooms, a hall for ceremonies and receptions, canteen-restaurant, marina with a small crane, 3000 square meters dock, private parking and tennis courts.DSCN1550
A big area for parking is available to the east side of NCTh. Trailers and boats have access using a service road and an entrance close to the sea. The existing dock holds up to 70 «Tornados» and covered the needs of the championship without any problem.
A 20-meter floating pier and two slipways normally provide tornados’ access to the water. Rubber boats’ access to the water is provided by derrick. Coach and RC boats docked at a 50-meter additional floating pier. Thirteen fresh water dispensers are placed at the dock.

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